If you want to open an offshore bank account, Offshore ciitzen.net can help you as we have a wide network of bank contacts around the world. On this occasion, we will talk about one of our member banks and the possibility of opening a bank account in the Central American country.

Our member bank in Belize obtained an “A” bank license in September 2003, issued by the Central Bank of Belize. In addition, this banking institution is regulated by the Central Bank of Belize, which has established liquidity and capital adequacy standards.

The referred bank provides stability, confidentiality, and higher profits. Interest rates in this bank are significantly higher than in the US, and reserve requirements in Belize are three times higher than in the northern country. This bank, in particular, has a liquidity equivalent to twice the minimum required by local law, which gives the bank exceptional stability.

Bank employees are committed to building relationships based on trust and knowing the needs of each customer to provide the best service possible.

In addition, both the institution and its staff stand firm in their commitment to strict confidentiality and information protection. For this reason, the bank will never disclose customer data without their permission unless required by law or current regulations. This means that having a bank account in Belize, your information will be secure and will only be shared with the relevant bank staff.

Important Information for Opening an Offshore Bank Account in Belize



Account Types:

Staff – View Requirements

Corporate – View Requirements


MasterCard prepaid card.

Internet banking

The institution’s modern platform allows users to handle most of their personal and business banking procedures online. With internet banking, you can: check your balances, transfer funds between accounts, access a detailed history of your transactions, view current and past account statements.

Account opening

The opening process can be done remotely, after the necessary documents translated into English and authenticated and the copies duly apostilled.

Opening time

The account opening process, once the requested documents and forms have been delivered, takes at least 20 days.

Manning Guarantees and Commissions:
Opening a bank account is at the bank’s sole discretion.
Manning is not responsible for the decision taken by the bank. It may change the opening procedure, terms, and requirements when it deems relevant.
Manning fees are non-refundable.
Manning fees do not include bank fees.

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