Preparing for the next bull market

At present, although gold continues to occupy a lower position in the list of priorities of most investors, there are a variety of factors that indicate a turning point in the market for this precious metal. After the extreme negativity of recent years, recently the price of gold has shown improvement against the dollar, which is considered a very positive advance.

Most investors are still skeptical, but not all

Institutional investors and key market players (all included under the term “smart money”) have returned and are buying very significant amounts of gold. The list of central banks that acquire the metal is growing rapidly. Bankers from institutions in Poland, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines are among the most recent additions to the list. The Hungarian central bank increased its gold reserves by a factor of 10 during the month of October, extending its existence from 3.1 tons to 31.5 tons, an increase equivalent to more than 1 billion dollars.

We must also consider the regular buyers who have been constantly supplying in recent months, especially in China and Russia. In 2018, the Russian central bank acquired more than 110 tons.

In addition

Inflation again prevails and expectations of higher increases are increasing worldwide. Meanwhile, financial markets are buzzing and are becoming increasingly fragile. Investors around the world, in a nervous attitude, are looking for ways to protect themselves and protect their wealth.

In short, we are heading towards a recessive period. The global economy, including that of the USA UU., Is prepared to experience a considerable economic decline. Multiple factors have been unleashed to induce us into this situation. More and more experts expect a deep recession in the next 24 months.

In conclusion

Gold is still available at an attractive price and today, as always, provides great protection and coverage against the crisis in the financial markets.

Also, it presents the potential for capital growth in the coming years, while other asset classes are overvalued and, although they are at their peak, they may begin to decline.

Consider gold as an option that offers growth and protection for your heritage.

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