Offshore Bank Accounts in Belize

If you want to open an offshore bank account, Offshore can help you as we have a wide network of bank contacts around the world. On this occasion, we will talk about one of our member banks and the possibility of opening a bank account in the Central American country. Our member bank in Belize obtained

Open an offshore account in Montserrat

Montserrat is a small island called “emerald island” in the Caribbean and it depends on the United Kingdom. The volcanic eruption of 1997 hit neither its tourist nor its economic side. If several luxury yachts are on these coasts, it is because their owners have decided to live there to take advantage of the low

Companies flee from transaction tax

The government, following some third-world countries, has introduced a transaction tax on January 1, which is expected to generate a very substantial $ 301 billion in revenue this year. Even before the introduction It was known that tax revenue would not be met, and several international studies have been carried out to show that stakeholders

In many countries, the transaction tax

The government’s latest unorthodox austerity tax on banking transactions raises the question of whether they have tried it in another country, if so, what it has done or not, why not use it elsewhere. After searching for the topic I found several studies that showed that dozens of Latin American and Asian countries had made

If The Bank Makes Trouble

Financial problems, contractual clauses that are not complied with, or agreement on payment arrangements are but a few of many examples of potential contentious issues with the bank. Often the customers of the private banks did not notice the impending dispute with the bank and unexpectedly end up in a financial crisis. The slogans of